Gate technology helps keep out intruders from a premises

Disciplinary procedures are taking place after an intruder stole a set of keys at the Tower of London. The break-in occurred in the early hours of last Tuesday (November 6). Keys for an internal lock, a restaurant, some conference rooms and to the drawbridges were on the stolen set. A spokeswoman for the Tower said an internal investigation was carried out and that “a staff disciplinary procedure is under way to address this issue”.

Tensor security and barrier technology will help keep out intruders from your premises. For example, Tensor gates (the swing variety is pictured here) work alongside our smart card and access control products. Ideal for controlling vehicle access to and from your site, Tensor’s gates are quick to respond to the user's instructions. All gates include a manual override facility preventing closure on a pedestrian or vehicle as well as offering safety in a power failure. Tensor gates can cope with high traffic volumes and severe operating conditions.

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