Gate technology supplied by British security industry trade association member

A survey into automatic gates found 35 per cent of respondents admitted to not having a regular service agreement in place to ensure the ongoing safety of the automatic gate. Chairman Richard Jackson of the survey-takers, the Gate Safe Steering Group, said: “These findings indicate that a worryingly high level of risk exists of yet another automated gate accident occurring, or even worse a fatality,” adding it demonstrated “that more needs to be done” to put the message across.

Tensor, a premier supplier of gate, barrier and turnstile technology, has many accreditations, and certification is an ongoing process that encourages continuous improvement with a focus on customer satisfaction. Tensor was assessed by National Quality Assurance Ltd and achieved ISO 9001 certification in September 2003. ISO 9001 is a quality assurance model made up of quality system requirements. This model applies to organisations that produce, install, and service products. Among our certifications is membership of The British Security Industry Association, which is the trade association for the British security industry.

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Tensor plc accreditations

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