Global Centre for Cyber Security Capacity to be built in Oxford

The Global Centre for Cyber Security Capacity Building is to be constructed at the University of Oxford, a news report reveals.

Global Centre for Cyber Security Capacity to be built in Oxford image 1

The centre is an important part of the UK’s national cyber security programme and will receive £500,000 annually from the government. It’s main focus will be to identify security priorities for countries across the world and to improve the level of security in the digital world.

Naturally, given the very sensitive nature of its activity, the Global Centre for Cyber Security Capacity will require the implementation of a very secure access control solution, and this is exactly Tensor plc’s main area of expertise.

The WinAC.NET suite developed by Tensor offers companies a complete and comprehensive access control solution for most standard types of internal and external electronic, magnetic door releases and devices, making full use of location points, whether in full view or hidden out of sight, providing access even in the most adverse conditions, while maintaining overall costs at a very reasonable level.

The system can be used for setting specific access rights, setting specific site access patterns and permissions, limiting access based on status requirements, and even offers an option for triggering alerts in case of entry under duress.

Additionally, the system also offers an advanced Monitoring of Contractors and Visitors System (MCVS), allowing administrators to easily book appointments for visitors and contractors, who on arrival can be provided with a physical access card. Visitors are assigned their access permissions as part of the book in process, which are automatically downloaded to all relevant T8526s and whenever a visitor is booked off site, their permissions are removed and the card is made available for the next visitor.

If you want to find out more about the extensive range of Access Control solutions developed by Tensor plc, just contact our dedicated product team or book a demo.

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