HM Prison Service Officers can quickly generate records of visitors to jails

It was alleged at the Leveson Inquiry that two officers at high-security prisons took illegal payments from national newspaper journalists. Giving evidence, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers said Scotland Yard had analysed stories possibly linked to payments to two senior prison officers at separate prisons. Neil Garnham, QC for the Metropolitan Police Service, admitted: “We frankly admit that there have been incidents which led to a plain perception of cosiness between particular senior MPS officers and particular journalists.”

Security experts Tensor plc offers Prison Pass: a low cost pass regime which is a version of our computer-based systems for registering each visitor to a premises, both on and off site. It allows HM Prison Service Officers to quickly check the identity and monitor the movements of visitors. Comprehensive reporting software is available to generate records of the following – the historical movements of inmate visitors; contractor times on site; visitor to inmate analysis; and standard warning or banned notification letters.

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