Home Workers – Is it an advantage or disadvantage?

Working from home is becoming more popular throughout the country. Over 3.1 million people are regular home-based workers.

Recent reviews show that people benefit from working at home as they are able to be a working parent, and have fewer interruptions. Some workers also find that they are more motivated, as a result of reduced stress and sickness levels.

Although working from home can be advantageous for the employee, many employers have no method of maintaining an accurate record of the employees’ hours or monitoring their performance.

Tensor has developed an efficient, quick, add on product, which allows the employer to monitor their employees’ hours who work from home, for just £1,250.

The online system permits the employee to clock ‘In’ and ‘Out’, review their holiday planner and submit requested annual leave to their manager. For more details please contact our Sales Team on +44(0) 1480 215530 or click here to request a call back.

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