Hospitals ordered to track visitors following MERS outbreak

Prison Pass software helps streamline access

Hospitals in South Korea have been ordered to track all emergency ward visitors, after a large outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) was blamed on difficulties locating every person exposed to the disease, the country’s health ministry has recently revealed.

Many of the 180 MERS cases in South Korea, were caught from sufferers encountered in emergency wards before they were diagnosed, during a wait for hospital places, a news report into this matter suggests.

The difficulty of tracing those who thronged the wards made it harder to find people who needed to be isolated for suspected exposure to the disease, Hospitals are now required to keep a record of all patients and family members as well as ambulance workers and the time of their visits, the ministry said.

Tensor MCVS – monitor hospital access and track visitors in a fast and seamless manner

Tensor’s Monitoring of Contractor and Visitor System (“MCVS”) comprises an identification system that uses paper printed passes and a method using these to track individuals and maintain a history of who visited and them.

These visitor management systems are designed to replace an existing paper based system or where no system previously existed at all. The system is simple to use, easy and quick to install and a good starting point for organizations that want to get a better handle on people who come to their premises.

It also provides proof of ‘due diligence’ in demonstrating that the business has a rudimentary system of managing visitors for health & safety purposes.

The key features of the Monitoring of Contractor and Visitor System are:

– The booking of appointments in advance and pre-booking of on-site contractors. As soon as an appointment is made, notification emails are sent to both the visitor and their host informing them of the appointment’s date, time and location.

– Companies that do not have a front desk Receptionist can use MCVS Enterprise with touch screen technology so visitors with appointments can book themselves in or out.

– Integration of MCVS Enterprise with a Tensor access control system to limit where visitors can go.

– Reporting system so that you can search on previous visits and perform basic analysis and reporting of visitor activity.

If you would like to find out more about the Management of Contractors and Visitors System from Tensor, just Contact Us or Book a Demo, we’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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