How businesses can promote flexible working during the Olympics

The Olympics is driving down business as companies say the current Games have deterred visitors. For example, at the normally hectic retail and tourism hub Oxford Circus, the streets have been noticeably quieter than usual. Ahmed Waqas, who runs a nearby souvenir stall, had planned to work longer hours during the expected Olympic boom. He lamented: “It has been a disaster. Our sales are down about 50% on last year.”

Tensor can help drive efficiency and profits up with our time and money saving Time and Attendance clocking regimes. WinTA uses Tensor’s range of Smart Cards where the badge or fob does not need to be removed from a wallet or purse. The badge will read through your wallet or purse in a quarter of a second (up to 15 times faster than swipe systems and more reliable). If flexible working during the Olympics is an issue, then using the Shift Swapping function means employees may have their shift for a particular day changed in advance.

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