How does a Biometric Time and Attendance System Work?

How does a Biometric Time and Attendance System Work?

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems have become an increasingly popular option for businesses keeping track of employee clocking's and monitoring staff attendance.

Biometric Systems streamline the clocking process, extremely reliable and accurate, and not to mention easy to install. With an endless range of benefits over other clocking systems, Biometrics is the future of staff attendance systems.

How Biometric Time & Attendance Works

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems use biometric features of an individual, such as fingerprints or facial features, to give an honest and accurate recording of which employee is actually clocking in/out at the said time.

The Biometric System scans the finger or face of an employee and then makes a comparison to the stored biometric readings on the database. Ultimately, if the fingerprint or face that is present at the clocking station does not match up to what is stored on the database, then the Biometric System will not clock the individual in or out of work.

Biometric Time and Attendance
Biometric Time and Attendance

How Secure is a Biometric Clocking System?

Biometric Systems collect data from employee’s retinas, fingerprints and faces. This means that it is impossible for employees to clock each other in and out from work without the correct employee being present. In terms of data and information security, Tensor’s Biometric Time and Attendance System is one of the most secure and reliable systems on the market.

Fingerprints are deleted from the system once an employee is entered into the system, ensuring an even stricter level of security. Once the fingerprint is in the system, a set of coordinates is then created, allowing the system to match the coordinates with the fingerprint when the same employee scans their fingerprint again - protecting the identity of employees and meaning data cannot be hacked and stolen.

Restrict Access for Employees

Tensor’s Biometric Attendance Management System not only allows employees to easily clock in and out of shifts using biometric features, but it also offers an additional advantage of acting as an Access Control System. This means that a Biometric Time and Attendance System can also grant or deny access to employees depending on whether they are authorised to enter a specific room or area.

For more information about our Biometric Time and Attendance System and to learn how your business can benefit from it, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team today who are on-hand to assist you.

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