How Does HR Time and Attendance Software Benefit Hybrid Working?

How Does HR Time and Attendance Software Benefit Hybrid Working?

As Hybrid Working continues to evolve, it’s essential for businesses to adopt a HR Time and Attendance Software that takes their working model to the next level.

By improving the management of remote employees, employers can be sure to see an increase in employee productivity, which can subsequently lead to more sales and greater profit.

Discover everything there is to know about a HR Time and Attendance System, and how HR Attendance Software can boost business productivity.

HR Time and Attendance for Hybrid Working

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, 84% of UK employees are now hybrid workers of the number of employees who were forced to work from home during the pandemic.

This figure is exceptionally high and, according to the Office for National Statistics, is here to stay. If your business now offers a hybrid working model, or a full-time remote working model, then adopting a Time and Attendance System with an advanced HR software will allow users to take the new hybrid working era by storm… and here’s how.

What are the benefits for Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working offers the best of both worlds to employees, as well as employers. With HR Time and Attendance you can be sure to reach the highest productivity levels from employees while working from home and in the office.

For days when employees work from home, a wide range of physical Time and Attendance Systems, such as clocking machines, can be used to clock members of staff in and out of shifts and breaks when on site.

Additionally, Time and Attendance Software is also available for employees to successfully work from home on the remote working days. HR Time and Attendance Software provides employers and/or managers with real-time employee clockings for attendance management and payroll purposes.

Which Attendance System is best suited to you?

Office-working days will require a physical Time and Attendance System for employees to easily clock in and out of shifts as mentioned previously. Now, depending on the nature of business as well as individual requirements, there are two main options:

Smart Card Clocking Stations

A Smart Card Time and Attendance System is the more basic system in terms of functionality, but provides users with everything required to run a successful hybrid working model. Employees are appointed Smart Cards, with which they can use to punch themselves in and out of shifts using the clocking station on the wall.

Biometric Time and Attendance

A Biometric Attendance System is available as Fingerprint Time and Attendance or Facial Recognition. A Biometric System is best suited to organisations where hygiene is at the forefront of everything they do, as well as businesses that have extremely tight security measures.

To help make up your mind, check out our Biometric Time and Attendance vs Smart Card Time and Attendance blog.

HR Time and Attendance Software for Hybrid Working

That’s the physical Attendance Systems done, now is time to look in detail at how HR Attendance Software can take your business to the next level.

Our Remote Worker Clock In System ensures that a Hybrid Working Model runs smoothly. Known as the Self-Service Module (SSM), this remote clock in system is the be-all and end-all for businesses that have adopted hybrid working.

The SSM application allows members of staff to clock themselves in and out of shifts all from the comfort of their desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet. Not only this, but employees can also request holiday and absences, cancel booked holidays, and also place themselves on/off the fire evacuation list when working in the office.

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