How sports clubs can easily computerise manual personnel records

How sports clubs can easily computerise manual personnel records image 1

Youth unemployment has almost reached one million and the fitness industry is being used to combat the problems the 16 to 24 age group is experiencing in finding work. The industry’s skills body SkillsActive is at the centre of this effort by creating a programme called ActiveAmbition which engages with employers. SkillsActive pointed out that the take-up of personal trainers is increasing 15 per cent year on year. Many of these jobs go to the 16 to 24s.

Tensor Club Personnel is a simple-to-use and inexpensive way to computerise the existing manual personnel records for your sports club. Tensor Club Personnel is an adapted version of Tensor Personnel, designed specifically to be used by clubs. It incorporates more extensive reporting on all personnel data, including injuries, treatment and medicals. The software operates on a single PC and can be upgraded simply and easily when your club expands in size. It includes full employee or player records including photo ID if required.

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