How Tensor’s Time and Attendance helps beat pupil truancy

Tensor is helping pupils gain better attendance records at schools and beat truancy through its Time and Attendance technology. It is vital that children do not miss school, plus it is the legal duty as parents or guardians to ensure the regular and punctual attendance of their children at school. But partnering Tensor has made life easier for parents, teachers and pupils.

Tensor’s Time and Attendance systems, incorporating Smart Cards, Key Fobs, or Fingerprint Biometrics, are suitable for any organisations, including schools. A product like WinTA handles all your Time & Attendance and security and software needs in one integrated security management System.

It is so important to monitor pupils’ attendance. The time you have to prepare your child for his or her future is very important. Each year, there are just 190 statutory school days. If your child were to miss one day a week for their whole time at school, they would miss the equivalent of two years’ school! That would be like not starting school until you were 7 or leaving at 14.

Tensor, whose equipment provides the fastest and safest method of recording attendance, have already installed systems in schools. For example, Holywell Middle School, based near Cranfield in Bedfordshire, educates pupils aged from 9 to 13 years old and needed to be able to account for staff as accurately as for the pupils. Schools are impressed by Tensor because elements like its Fire Roll Call can be integrated into the Attendance Monitoring system.

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