How to ensure payroll can cover all major staff hours calculations

At the same time as it plans to save £670 million the BBC has defended the £1m-plus pay packet it gives its top stars. Conservative MP Damian Collins called for the BBC to justify the large amounts “when every pound they spend is being scrutinised”. A spokesman for the BBC responded: “We never discuss talent pay or talent negotiation.” The broadcaster has published an anonymous list of how many of its employees are paid more than £500,000 in a move to defuse criticism.

Tensor supply advanced time and attendance and payroll systems like WinTAnet which cover all major hours calculation methods. Therefore tricky issues such as sorting staff pay when overtime, night shifts, holidays and bonuses are involved present no problem. Additional features are available with WinTAnet which take into account diversity with working rules between different organisations. The Shift Premiums function means complex payment schemes can be used, based on factors such as the time of working to the grade of employee.

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