How to Improve Employee Time Management with Time & Attendance

Employee Time Management with Time & Attendance

There are many ways that a time and attendance system can streamline HR procedures and improve a business's overall employee time management.

Below you will find 5 reasons why time and attendance has become an essential for all business's and HR teams, helping to deal with the constant pressures of attendance management within the workplace.

Accurate working hours

A time and attendance system gives the HR department more accurate time and attendance information. The precise clock in information that a digital time and attendance system presents, eliminates the issue of employees lying about clocking times and allows employers to pay members of staff for the actual number of hours worked. Additionally, this can also work in the favour of employees because a time and attendance system will ensure they can never be underpaid for the hours they’ve worked, avoiding costly payroll errors.

Eliminates time fraud

Much like the point made above, a biometric time and attendance system goes a long way to eliminating time fraud and ‘buddy-punching’ - meaning it is impossible for employees to clock each other in and out of shifts. With biometric time and attendance, more specifically facial recognition time and attendance or fingerprint time and attendance, the specific member of staff is required to be present to clock in using a fingerprint scanner or face reading.

Time & attendance software

Time and attendance software allows all types of employees, whether they are office-based, hybrid working or remote working, to record absences, request holidays and see the remainder of their holiday entitlement. The self-service functionality and visibility of holiday requests and allowances help to alleviate strain on HR teams who are habitually answering such types of enquiries.

Reduced administrative workload for HR

A time and attendance system eliminates the need for manual clocking-in cards and gets rid of paper timesheets. This means there’s no need to spend hours poring over figures; the data is collated automatically. The elimination of this menial work will allow your business to be more streamlined, and your employees and managers to attack the day.

Become GDPR compliant

It is likely that your business or organisation will have to adhere to industry regulations, have some compliance rules that are bespoke to your business and will need to ensure GDPR compliance. A time and attendance system can be tailored to your individual needs to raise flags against any compliance issues.

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