HR Time and Attendance Systems For Better Hybrid Staff Management

HR Time and Attendance Systems For Better Hybrid Staff Management

Hybrid working is a very common practice for businesses around the world following the Coronavirus pandemic. In some cases, hybrid working has increased employee productivity but it has also generated a lack of trust between employers and employees.

Tensor’s time and attendance systems are specifically designed to help your HR department with absence management and deal with remote workforce management.

Time and Attendance systems for Hybrid Working

There is a large proportion of the country’s workforce who are now hybrid workers and commuting into the office for 2 or 3 days of the working week. In a recent survey, including numerous global companies, 76% of companies say that hybrid working will become the norm in a post-pandemic world. 9% of the same survey said that they will be fully remote while only 11% said that they will be working in the office 5 days a week.

Hybrid working is at the forefront for the majority of businesses in the UK and indeed the world. This can cause headaches for HR departments who are responsible for employees working hours and payroll management. This is why it is absolutely essential for HR teams to have second-to-none time and attendance software and absence management in order to keep on top of employees working hours, absences and holidays.

HR time and attendance software

Tensor offers both time and attendance software as well as human resources software to aid your HR team with managing the hybrid and/or remote workforce.

Known as Win.TA.NET, our time and attendance software has the ability to keep track of 20 to over 10,000 employees whether on-site, across multiple sites or working from home using smart cards, biometrics or our employee-based Self-Service Module (please see section below). For those employees who are still office-based, or for the days when hybrid employees are on-site, Tensor’s time and attendance software produces absenteeism and lateness reports in order to give a true and honest recording of working hours. The smart card and biometric clocking in system also enables employees to be registered on or off the fire roll call depending whether they have clocked on or off site during lunch breaks or periods of annual leave and so on.

We also offer a top-of-the-range human resources software to streamline your HR departments assignments and lighten the overall workload. Known as WinHR.NET, there are a variety of packages that are available. The ‘Start’ package is ideal for companies employing 50 people or less. ‘Lite’ is perfect for multi-users on a single-site, ideal for companies employing up to 250 people. Our ‘Business’ edition is designed for a single-company but can also come with a multi-site edition that has no employee limit. Lastly, Tensor’s HR ‘Enterprise’ version is the multi-company, multi-site edition that has no employee limit.

Mobile clocking system for hybrid working

Tensor’s Self-Service Module is a web-based application/remote clock in system that allows office-based, hybrid and remote staff to clock in and out of shifts, request holiday and review their flexi-time balance or remaining holiday entitlement.

HR Time and Attendance Systems For Better Hybrid Staff Management

For more information regarding our HR time and attendance system to help better manage your hybrid or remote working staff, please book a demo or get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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