Human resources package includes Pay Reviewer projected salary expenditure

Pay at the executive level has been the most contentious issue hitting the headlines in the past few days. PM David Cameron at the weekend criticised the “casino-style economic boom” and “the people at the very top who filled their boots with bonuses”. To back up his strong words, the government is planning to take decisive action on excessive boardroom bonuses. Echoing the banking crisis fallout, Cameron said on the BBC: “Big rewards when people fail make people's blood boil.”

Tensor’s personnel and time & attendance software is the culmination of over a decade of real world experience in the human resources sectors. Included within the package is software that ensures your company complies with the recent changes to the EU Working Time Directive. Fully customisable reports can be exported to a variety of formats including HTML and CSV, ideal for either printing or displaying within your company's intranet. The system even includes a Pay Reviewer including reports, projected pay increases and salary expenditure.

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