Human Resources Systems & HR Software for Hybrid Working

Human Resources Systems & HR Software for Hybrid Working

Tensor’s Human Resources System and advanced HR Software is the perfect Rostering System for businesses & organisations that have adopted Hybrid Working.

Hybrid Working is here to stay. More than 80% of businesses have adopted hybrid working since the beginning of the pandemic, according to a recent survey. This not only puts greater pressure on the HR teams to provide accurate Payroll, Absence Reports and ensure that productivity is of standard, but it also requires Human Resources departments to be adaptable and dependable.

Human Resources Systems for Hybrid Working

In order to adapt to a Hybrid Working Model, you must be appropriately equipped with a HR Time and Attendance System and the best HR Software on the market. Making the switch from full-time office working to hybrid working or even full-time remote working can prove challenging for organisations that do not modernise their Time and Attendance System at the same time. The ease of using Staff ID Cards to clock in and out when in the office, and using our HR Software to clock in and out of shifts when working at home, is guaranteed to make the lives of everyone involved a lot easier.

HR Systems
Staff ID Cards

Tensor’s HR Time and Attendance is the perfect HR solution for your business when making the step to hybrid working. With the ability to be integrated with a Time and Attendance System, Access Control System, or CCTV Surveillance, our HR System takes the stress out of workforce management with an expert absence management report feature, rostering system, Payroll and Fire Roll Call functions.

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HR Software for Hybrid Working

A Hybrid Working Model is essentially impossible for businesses without the help of an Absence Software and a Rota Software. Having the ability to know when your employees are working is essential for Payroll and ensuring payments are correct. Our Human Resources Software, known as WinHR.NET can be bespoke to individual business requirements and is also the perfect Personnel Software for every type and size of business:

  • Start Edition – Ideal for companies employing 50 people or less
  • Lite Edition – Multi-user, single-site version, ideal for companies employing up to 250 people
  • Business Edition – Single-company but the multi-site edition that has no employee limit
  • Enterprise Edition – Multi-company, multi-site edition that has no employee limit

Employee Time Management Software

At Tensor, we understand that Hybrid Working is not only a challenge for Businesses and HR teams, but it can also be a challenge for employees when working from home. This is why we provide a Self-Service Module (SSM), an employee Time and Attendance Software, that allows users to clock themselves in and out of shifts, book themselves on or off the fire evacuation list request new absences, delete upcoming absence requests or cancel approved absence requests all from the comfort of a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer.

SSM brochure

If you would like more information about our Human Resources System and HR Software to help manage your Hybrid Working Staff, then please get in touch with a member of our sales team today!

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