Hybrid Working Operates Smoothly With HR Time and Attendance

Hybrid Working HR Time and Attendance

If your organisation has adopted Hybrid Working, then allow Tensor’s HR Time and Attendance System to take the reins and make your lives easy.

Adopting Hybrid Working can prove a very challenging task in many aspects of the working world. Thankfully, with Tensor’s Time and Attendance System, your Remote Employee Management is taken care of.

Time and Attendance for Hybrid Workers

Nowadays, 83% of UK employers offer a Hybrid Working Model to their employees since the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a huge percentage that has drastically increased since 2020. Whether your company offers full time remote working or a hybrid working model to its employees, a Time and Attendance System is the best, and most effective, way to cope with the demands of a hybrid or remote workforce… and here’s why.

How does it benefit Hybrid Working?

Tensor’s Time and Attendance System gives your company the best of both worlds when it comes to Attendance Management. This means that when employees are office working, we provide a wide range of physical Time and Attendance Systems for the ease of clocking in and out of shifts when on site. As well as this, Tensor’s Time and Attendance Software provides everything both the employer and the employee requires to successfully work from home and maintain the same level of productivity as the days when working in the office.

Which Time & Attendance Systems do we offer?

As mentioned above, we provide a wide range of Time and Attendance Systems as per the requirements of our customer. These range from Smart Card Clocking Systems, to Biometric Time and Attendance which includes Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Time and Attendance.

If you are wondering which Time and Attendance System your company would be better suited to for the days when employees are office-based, take a look at our Biometric Time and Attendance vs Smart Card Time and Attendance blog which points you in the right direction depending on your requirements, or book a demo today via the button below.

Time & Attendance Software for Hybrid Working

Now we've dealt with the physical Time and Attendance machines, let’s take a look at Tensor’s Time and Attendance Software, that will benefit you and your Hybrid Working Model endlessly.

Known as the Self-Service Module (SSM), our Remote Worker Clock In System provides everything required to make working from home easy. Available with our Time and Attendance Software, the SSM App allows staff members to clock themselves in and out of shifts and lunch breaks, request and cancel holidays, and book themselves on and off the fire evacuation list when on site.

The SSM is an application, and can be used on a person’s desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone.

At Tensor, we believe it is essential to not only make the lives easier for employees working from home, but also provide a system that produces an accurate recording of working hours for employers, to put their mind at ease that employees are not stealing valuable time. Our Time and Attendance System is available for companies with 20 employees to over 10,000 employees across multiple sites.

For more information regarding our Time and Attendance System for Hybrid and Remote Working, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our Sales team who will provide all the additional information required.

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