Implement a complete and comprehensive site access control system with Tensor

Ensuring the security of physical spaces has become a paramount concern for organizations across various industries. As businesses expand and facilities grow in complexity, the need for an effective and reliable access control system becomes evident.

Tensor has an extensive level of experience in developing and implementing integrated site access control solutions, starting from door controllers and going up to Gates, Barriers, and Turnstiles.

Implement a complete and comprehensive site access control system with Tensor image 1

Our vehicle barriers provide an efficient and effective way of controlling access and movement to any company’s car park, allowing and denying access where appropriate at any time of the day, this guarantees access only to those who do have authorisation.

Designed to operate as stand-alone equipment or part of a security network, Tensor’s line of barriers and turnstiles is paired with Smart Card technology, enabling users to create a fully integrated Time and Attendance and Access Control system powerful and versatile enough to cope with the demands of today’s security climate.

Car park Barriers are ideal for controlling your site’s car park and road entry points. Barriers provide an efficient and effective way of increasing security at your premises, and can double up as a way of monitoring the number of vehicles passing through the control point.

CCTV Camera

Our automatic barriers are suitable for both large and small sites, are very adjustable, and can operate in all weather, providing maximum flow to approved workers. Our barriers are delivered fully assembled, prepared to receive data and power connections, and ready to work with access control and ticketing systems.

Designed to operate as stand-alone equipment or work alongside Tensor’s Smart Card and Access Control products, a gate, barrier or turnstile can be used to monitor the throughput of an access control point as well as reporting on staff’s Time & Attendance. The addition of a turnstile can also aid in accurate fire roll-call reporting.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor site access control solutions, just contact our dedicated product team, we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your queries and questions.

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