Important Update Regarding Suprema Enrolment Devices & New Features for Tensor.NET

This month, we cover a host of improvements that have been made to streamline the usability to both the Tensor.NET range and our hardware, along with a notice for any users updating their operating system to Windows 10.

Suprema Enrolment Device Update

Upgrading your software to Windows 10 or above? With this Windows update, it could cause your Suprema enrolment device to become non-responsive. In order to resolve this, your Suprema Driver will require re-installing.

To re-download the correct driver, please click the button below, and then click on the ‘Authentication Scanners Driver’ button:

Tensor.NET Update

The update focuses on resolving several bugs found by both our testers and customers. Firstly, a couple of fixes have been applied to the Skills screen as follows:

  • The skill screen itself was not opening correctly after a different tab on the main screen was closed just before it. This was found to be a problem where it was checking the last tab to be opened which caused the loading to error, this has now been resolved.
  • An issue has also been resolved with the Skills Grid not displaying the columns. The fault occurred when you opened the skills menu and then opened any skill (which opens a new window) and then close the skill screen, the columns no longer displayed correctly.

There have also been additional fixes including:

  • When setting the Holiday Carryover limits (Carryover Max and Min) in the User Options application, it was found to be applying limits in the wrong place and therefore restricting and alerting incorrectly. It was found that it was checking the ‘standard entitlement’ option but has now been corrected.
  • The Unused Card Report was found to only be active for the T&A module of Tensor.NET, which meant that customers that only had a licence for a WinAC module would not see this report. This has now been changed so the report is available for the WinAC module too.

Customers have reported the following:

  • A fault where the Skill refresher date was not displaying correctly due to a loading issue, it was also reported the date did not show on the printing grid.
  • A fault with the Employee report not displaying the correct ‘Labour Cost per Hour’ value after processing the data through the systems Bulk Amend Screen. The fault was identified where the table was updating but the field was not.
  • A fault where the absence code was not showing for an ‘hours’ absence that had been booked in the past through the Amend Clockings screen. Some of the code has been changed so it loads the clockings and picks up the absence code from processed hours.

These faults listed have now all been resolved in this latest release. A rounding problem was also found with Flexi Breaks where the total allocation of time that was allocated to a break was not calculating correctly and the system was incorrectly rounding hours down. This has now been resolved so the break times calculate correctly.

Tensor.NET SSM Update

A request was made to change the wording on the SSM appointment page from ‘Title’ to ‘Appointment Title’ as shown below. This is to limit the confusion for staff that are booking appointments through the Appointment Wizard.

Mobile SSM 4.0.36 Update

The mobile SSM app has received four new feature improvements and resolutions this month. They are:

  • The ‘Remember Me’ option on the log-in screen has been defaulted to ‘On’ to assist with users forgetting or having to keep adding their login details on the App. Users can of course uncheck this if they don’t require it.
  • An additional stage has been added to the ‘Sign Out’ button. On previous versions, after clicking ‘Sign Out’, the application would just take you back to the log-in screen. An additional prompt has been added to ask “Are you sure you wish to log out?” and must be confirmed before exiting the application.
  • A fault was reported where the Entitlement hours was not displaying correctly in the App. The value of 50mins absence was decimalising the output but now it correctly displays 0.50 hours as expected.
  • A fault was reported where the pop-up box for the job code selection wasn’t wide enough and was not showing enough of the description. We found the display was being limited to 250px by Ionic and have now resolved the issue.

Hardware Updates

Our team have spent time improving the T8526 Controller Firmware. Below is a list of what’s new and the bugs now fixed:

  • This version of TAX01 provides added support for a custom facility code of 0×5000 for HID 37-bit proximity cards as per specification S-89208-142-142-TFI100.doc. This allows a customer to use their existing card stock on Tensor’s T1488, T8526, T3200 products.
  • A fault was reported in a previous version when trying to print off a Fire roll call on 2 separate printers. This fault has now been resolved in this version.
  • A fault was found where the T8526 was sending incorrect tamper transactions for OSDP readers only. The controller was sending a ‘Device Tamper Activated’ message. This fault has now been resolved in this version too.

Updates to the T32XX Clock Firmware include:

  • This version of TAX01 provides added support for a custom facility code for HID 37-bit proximity cards as per specification S-89208-142-142-TFI100.doc. This allows a customer to use their existing HID cards on Tensor’s clocking terminals.
  • Support for custom facility code for 37bit proximity cards is required to allow Mayr-Melnhof Packaging UK Ltd to use their existing card stock on the T1488, T8526, T3200 products. At present, the firmware in the T8526/T3200 does not support the custom facility code of 0×5000 and will not decode the cards. This facility code of 0×5000 was determined from the sample card received.
  • We have also been able to fix a fault with FaceStation. When attached to a T32xx Clock, it supported 4 & 5-byte card numbers but not the 6 & 7-byte card numbers.
  • The supervisor unibox status was found to not show the slot status for T8424. The modules show as a green tick but the slots (Readers) are always red for T8424, this has now been resolved.
  • A fault was also found on the Supervisor doorlock test where it does not cycle around all external T8424/T8524, this has now been resolved too.

New Bespoke Feature

A bespoke project for a customer, known as S-135155-1002-1002-AttendanceEfficiencyExcelExport_v3 has been implemented into the latest Tensor.NET version. This project details the requirements of a new Attendance & Efficiency report that exports into a specific structure of an excel file.

This report is selected by department and details employee contractual hours alongside their worked hours with both five-day and seven-day totals. This report also incorporates a ‘Syspro Daily Demand’ section which links and displays data from an external third party database. A new document is available on request for more information should this be of interest to you and your business operations.

This update requires a minimum of 8GB RAM, 10GB storage and a Dual-Core processor (2.0 GHz). To view the entire list of minimum system requirements, please click here.

Please note that existing users may require an upgrade to a compatible version of SQL Server to utilise this version, please get in touch to confirm your requirements.

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