Inbuilt security and integrity checks ensure clocking cards cannot be misread

On Wednesday (January 18) a national clothing company which employs approximately 9,600 people confirmed it was entering administration. Chief executive of Peacocks Richard Kirk issued a statement thanking staff. He added: “Peacocks is a brand with great heritage, and it is with deep sadness that we have been left with no other option but to today place the business into administration.” Mr Kirk blamed a tough retail environment, adding that measures to seek new investment did not pay off.

Contactless smart cards which save businesses time and money are used to operate Tensor time and attendance, access control and visitor monitoring systems. Our most popular smart card (pictured) is the T1305, which is about the size of a standard credit card and is thin and flexible enough to be carried in your wallet. It has up to 34 billion different combinations of ID number, so there is no chance of duplication. Each ID number has built-in security and integrity checks ensuring that it cannot be misread.

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