Increased Employee Burnout Is Putting Pressure on HR Managers

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New research reveals that almost half of HR managers (45%) have considered leaving their current roles due to the pressure of dealing with employee mental health and burnout. Concerningly, the research shows that 90% of HR managers are currently noticing signs of burnout in their workforces.

The survey of 200 UK HR Managers reveals that when handling rising burnout and mental health concerns, HR is struggling to set boundaries for their own psychological safety.

Thirty-eight percent of HR managers admit to having conversations with employees about their mental health outside of working hours, nearly a third (31%) look at emails outside of work and over a quarter (27%) regularly have to complete tasks outside of working hours due to the volume of mental health issues they’re facing.

On top of this, more than 1 in 4 (26%) feel they can become overly involved in employees’ personal lives and/or mental health issues and 23% have compassion fatigue from supporting struggling employees.

Time & Attendance Systems to better manage workforce

Tensor’s time and attendance systems give HR departments the ability to better manage their office-based workforce, hybrid workforce, or fully remote workforce - creating a more streamlined time and attendance system. Not only will our time and attendance systems streamline HR operations, but they will also go a long way to ensuring that your staff are taking the required length of breaks to help reduce burnout.

Our clocking terminals, also known as smart card readers, are the perfect time and attendance solution for office-based and hybrid workforces who can clock in and clock out of shifts to give employers an accurate recording of working hours as well as the length of time each employee has taken for breaks. Additionally, Tensor’s biometric time and attendance systems, including fingerprint clocking in systems and facial recognition time and attendance, allow employees to streamline the clocking in process using a biometric system.

Clocking stations for on-site workforce

Although there has been a significant increase in hybrid and remote working following the Coronavirus pandemic, there is still a large quantity of the UK workforce who are required to work on-site/in-office. To help HR Managers and HR Officers manage with the rise in employee burnout and decrease in employee mental health, Tensor’s clocking stations allow employers to keep a track of, not only an employee's working hours but also, the length of time they have taken for breaks. It is vitally important that members of staff are taking the full allocated break to not only refresh their minds to improve productivity, but also to help improve mental health and reduce staff burnout.

Biometric time and attendance systems to prevent buddy-punching

When using smart cards, it can be possible for members of staff to clock each other in and out of shifts or breaks - commonly known as buddy-punching. With a biometric time and attendance system, it is impossible for this to happen. This means you are guaranteed an honest recording of hours worked and length of breaks taken, which can, again, give employers the opportunity to understand whether employees are taking the necessary length of breaks.

Time & Attendance brochure

If you would like further information regarding our time and attendance systems, and to help reduce employee burnout, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today, who will be happy to assist you.

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