Influences on Workplace Ethics

Nine out of 10 (91 percent) employed adults agree that workers are more likely to behave ethically on the job when they have a good work / life balance.

In addition, 60 percent of those surveyed believe job dissatisfaction is a significant reason for people to make unethical decisions at work.

In the competitive environment to attract and retain talent, it is imperative that employers provide employees with the means to attain a healthy work / life balance.

This is not only key to job satisfaction and retaining your most valued employees, but it is also critical in fostering an ethical workplace culture.

In the past, organizations were willing to provide resources and support for work / life balance because it was a “nice” thing to do for their employees. They wanted to help employees but there was the implication that there was nothing in it for the employer. Now, many organizations view support for work / life balance as a business tool with significant business benefits.

Some of the more inexpensive programs that promote work / life balance include flexitime, telecommuting and compressed workweeks.

By implementing different working patterns throughout your organization, the work / life balance of your employees can infinitely improve, however it can often be difficult to keep track of who is where and when.

Regulation in the US requires companies to be able to produce accurate records of employee attendance – a task made even more difficult when employees are on different shift patterns, however help is at hand.

Tensor manufacture and supply time and attendance systems that accurately record and process your employees’ clocking data. Multiple shift patterns can be monitored, analyzed and reported upon, giving you all the information needed for accurate processing of working time.

Not only providing assistance with regards to collection of attendance data, the clocking system can export this information to your payroll system, thus automating a large part of your monthly accounting processes.

The introduction of programs that promote work / life balance in your organization are proving to be a worthwhile investment, producing a happier and more ethical workforce well into the future.

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