Information overload causes distraction and stress for British workers, experts reveal

British office workers feel increasingly distracted at work and at home due to the overload of information they face on a daily basis, a survey of more than 2,000 UK employees has revealed.

Information overload causes distraction and stress for British workers, experts reveal image 1

The study discovered that 55% of office workers experience “information overload” at work, with 52% admitting that they can be easily distracted by the availability of information while 43% experiencing stress as a result of having to deal with too much information at work.

In fact, 34% feel “overwhelmed” by the amount of information they face, and more than one-quarter (28%) believe information overload has a negative impact on their wellbeing.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop when workers leave their offices, since 58% of people participating the study admitted that they check their work devices within 15 minutes of waking up, and 52% said that they’re looking at work emails within 15 minutes of going to sleep.

Dave Coplin, chief envisioning officer at Microsoft argues that the flow of information can lead to workers making “bad decisions, or at least those based on bad data”.“People need to get into a way of working that means they are using their time more effectively,” he said.

“This is not a question of turning off the technology, as it is invaluable to the way we work, but being able to control it in a way that enhances productivity, not detracts from it.”

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