Infra red cameras ensure site security and safety in any light conditions

A thief has been given a criminal anti social behaviour order and has been banned from scrap yards across England and Wales. Craig Airnes was caught after a break in at a yard and has also been given a suspended prison sentence. Police are currently driving a crackdown on metal thieves and rogue scrap traders. Anyone trying to sell scrap metal goods illegally will be clamped down upon under the latest crime-busting national scheme Operation Tornado.

Tensor has many security options for places like scrap yards, including our leading closed circuit television technology. Infra red cameras are very popular due to their ability to see in 'absolute darkness'. These cameras ensure security and safety for your sites throughout any light conditions. Infra red detectors can either be added to body cameras, or often inbuilt infra red cameras purchased for your CCTV solution. Tensor uses a vast range of products from the top CCTV companies. We can customise your CCTV system and provide valuable maintenance for the future.

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