Infra red CCTV cameras ensure site security and safety in any light conditions

Home Secretary Theresa May’s measures to combat metal thefts will be ineffective, according to a dealer. In a parliamentary statement announcing a ban on cash payments for metal, Mrs May said a change in the law was the “only sustainable, long-term solution to the growing menace of metal theft.” Scrap dealer Steven Robertson suggested an alternative scheme to the Home Office, a 10% tax levied on metal sellers. Mr Robertson claimed the change “will just drive [thefts] underground”.

Tensor stocks many CCTV products which will increase security and combat the widespread problem of metal thefts at outdoor locations or depots. Our range of digital CCTV surveillance cameras includes Infra Red CCTV Cameras. By utilising infra red light these cameras ensure security and safety for your sites throughout any light conditions. Infra red detectors can either be added to body cameras, or often inbuilt infra red cameras purchased for your CCTV solution. The cameras supplement any Tensor access control equipment carried at your premises.

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