Input screen on their PC allows users to clock in and out

Aware that there are still more than 5,000 surplus places in schools countywide, education officials in Carmarthenshire are finding it tough identifying which schools to shut down. Under the latest update to its Modernising Education Programme, the Welsh council says there are 10 schools not thought to be viable in the long term. The report listed another 31 to be considered but members of the council's education scrutiny committee called for the list to be removed in case it appeared their future had already been decided.

Tensor supply a range of time and attendance systems which deal with all methods of job rostering, budgeting and costing, plus calculation of payroll, wages and hours. PC Clock's analysis module consists of a scaled-down version of Tensor's acclaimed WinTA Lite time and attendance software and suits a school or college. Pupils (or employees) are simply presented with an input screen on their PC allowing them to clock in and out. It is a cost-effective method of ensuring that your organisation remains compliant with any regional and national legislation.

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