Integrated Access Control And CCTV Systems – Maintaining Your Site’s Security During a Lockdown

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Although movement rights normally restricted during a lockdown, a company’s site is, unfortunately, more prone than ever to significant losses in terms of thefts, vandalism and arson attacks, which commonly are crimes of opportunity.

The fact that a company’s premises is potentially deserted and unguarded, with a large number of employees working from home, can represent a potential security threat. However, this can be potentially mitigated by deploying integrated access control solutions and CCTV surveillance systems, which will provide real-time, actionable information about what’s happening on a company’ site – even when security staff is not present.

Enhanced Security for Your IT Department

An organization’s IT department is, without a doubt, it’s most important asset at the minute, as it enables business continuity and helps manage all the remote workers. This is the reason why extra measures need to be deployed in order to protect this vital part of any business.

Such measures include:

– ensuring equipment is located within areas having suitable alarm protection and restricting access to those areas only to key personnel;

– items are secured to desks, etc by appropriate lock-down devices

– items are security marked

– warning labels referring to security marking are placed in prominent locations/windows.


In today’s world of highly sophisticated video surveillance products, manufacturer by a multitude of companies, the task of choosing a large-scale, integrated security control system is not easy.

At Tensor we provide total security management solutions, fully scalable end to end integrated solutions capable of managing, via a single platform, multiple video sources including Thermal Optics as well as our wide range of other systems including Access Control, Ground Radar Detection, Intruder Detection and number plate recognition.

Our solutions are custom designed to meet our clients’ needs and are designed to manage anything from small single sites to city wide systems to national multi-site solutions.

We fully understand that the world we live and work in is changing and current technology is playing a big part within the integrated electronic security sector. Our security solutions allow the use of existing IT infrastructures to be utilised to deliver flexible fully networked solutions.

We have designed installed and commissioned many projects for a variety of customers which have proven to have benefited financially and also caused less disruption to the office environment than a traditional solution.

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