Integrated Access Control Systems can help you prevent crime against your business premises

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Integrated Access Control Systems can help prevent crime against business premises, which accounted for 70% of all police recorded crime in 2013/14, according to figures released by the UK Statistics Authority and 82% of all crime covered by the 2013/14 Crime Survey for England and Wales.

The crime survey focused on premises in four industry sectors defined by the UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (SIC). These were sections A (agriculture, forestry and fishing), G (wholesale and retail trade), I (accommodation and food services activities) and R (arts, entertainment and recreation). Between them, these four sectors account for just over one-third of all business premises in England and Wales.

Property crime occurs wen individuals, households or corporate bodies are deprived of their property by illegal means, or where the property is damaged. This includes offences of burglary, vehicle offences (theft of vehicles or property from vehicles), bicycle theft, robbery, shoplifting, fraud and criminal damage.

With crime rates on the up, businesses need to look at basic security measures, as well as specific systems designed to prevent crime and record HD, evidence grade video that can be used as proof in court, need be.

Tensor helps you prevent crime against your business premisses with a comprehensive Integrated Access Control System

Business owners who’re looking to improve their site’s security and prevent crime can do so by installing a comprehensive, high-end CCTV surveillance system, fully integrated with a secure and reliable Access Control solution.

Tensor has an extensive experience in both segments (CCTV and Access Control) and we are able to easily offer such an extensive level of functionality for all of our systems.

As they’re built around the same cutting-edge technology platform, Tensor.NET, both the WinAC.NET and WinTA.NET suites support an extensive level of CCTV integration.

Video clips retrieved from CCTV cameras are associated with access control activity are available when CCTV is integrated with Tensor.NET.

The cameras are allocated to location entries created in Tensor.NET, which are then linked to smart card scanners or push buttons in the Hardware Manager. Furthermore, multiple cameras can be allocated to the same location, or multiple locations can be assigned to the same camera and lock sensors are connected directly to the CCTV’s DVR.

As a lock is released, an alarm event triggers the recording of video footage for the event. This footage is then available for playback in Tensor.NET, either by location or as a link in an access control report. Screen displays are provided to report upon access events, including links to play the related video clip.

Additionally, the application allows either live or historic video to be viewed for periods not linked to any specific Access Control event.

If you’d like to find out more about Tensor’s CCTV integration options, as well as the multiple useful features provided by our Time and Attendance and Access Control systems, just contact us or Book a Demo, we’ll be sure to answer all of your queries on the matter.

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