Integrated Surveillance & Security Management solutions are vital for enforcing security and safety in modern commercial buildings


Security has become one of the top priorities for the safe operation of commercial buildings nowadays, given the high number of people who come in or go through the buildings every day.

It is very important to seriously consider deploying solutions that help commercial buildings to prevent the incidents such as thefts or other illegalities, effectively safeguarding the property and profits in time.

Security measures include integrated access control and CCTV surveillance solutions, as well as alarms, more often than not IP-based, and working together in order to allow the management level and the security guards to keep every detail under control and review both live and stored videos through browsers or mobile applications anytime anywhere.

Tensor – suppliers of advanced integrated surveillance and security management solutions

In today’s world of highly sophisticated video surveillance products, manufacturer by a multitude of companies, the task of choosing a large-scale, integrated security control system is not easy.

At Tensor we provide total security management solutions, fully scalable end to end integrated solutions capable of managing, via a single platform, multiple video sources including Thermal Optics as well as our wide range of other systems including Access Control, Ground Radar Detection, Intruder Detection and number plate recognition.

Our solutions are custom designed to meet our clients needs and are designed to manage anything from small single sites to city wide systems to national multi site solutions.

We fully understand that the world we live and work in is changing and current technology is playing a big part within the integrated electronic security sector. Our security solutions allow the use of existing IT infrastructures to be utilised to deliver flexible fully networked solutions.

We have designed installed and commissioned many projects for a variety of customers which have proven to have benefited financially and also caused less disruption to the office environment than a traditional solution.

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