Jail monitoring software checks identity of legal representatives and inmate visitors

A prisoner who fled jail was given a lenient sentence because he gave himself up after a short period. When asked why he absconded, the defendant’s solicitor Lloyd Jenkins said that Peter Wildsmith was “very worried about his release in October. He says it is a vicious circle because every time he is released he has no accommodation or support and he commits crime again.” The judge passed a consecutive sentence of two months for the escape from Leyhill Prison near Gloucester.

Tensor’s PC-controlled visitor monitoring system has been extended to improve security in the HM Prison Service. Pre-booking of legal representatives, contractors and inmate visitors can be entered into the system at any time, and cross-checked when the visitor actually arrives at the prison. The visitor monitoring software allows any HM Prison Service officer to quickly check the identity and monitor the movements of visitors. Accurate records of any visitors to the prison are stored within the monitoring software, and can instantly be produced.

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