Job costing and clock on system communicates in real time

Ministry of Defence officials said an arms deal secured by BAE for £1.9bn ($3bn) would safeguard more than 200 UK jobs while providing Saudi Arabia with “cutting edge officer and aircrew training capability”. PM David Cameron said the deal was “more good news for British jobs, for British investment and British Aerospace”. BAE will supply Hawk trainer jets built at various sites to the Saudis. The Unite union’s Ian Waddell said a “massive challenge” remained to save 650 jobs.

Tensor supplies cost-saving Time & Attendance systems that are leaders in the field of payroll, job costing and absence monitoring. The new range of T32xx clocks actively communicate with the computer system when a person clocks, books them ‘ON’ to a job or uses their smart card to open a door. Real time communications provides you with the information as it occurs. All user activity within the system is recorded for audit purposes, with time and date transactions of information both before and after changes.

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