Job vacancies soar by 14% in January as manufacturing sector powers ahead

The number of job vacancies across the UK reached a total of 768,104 in January, marking a 14% increase compared to the previous year and a 3% increase compared to December, the latest UK Job Market Report from Adzuna has revealed.

Job vacancies soar by 14% in January as manufacturing sector powers ahead image 1

This significant growth in the number of vacancies was largely driven by a dramatic increase in manufacturing and engineering sector jobs, caused by an unexpected, strong growth in the British automotive industry and also by a growing trend for re-shoring production back to the UK, a news report on the matter suggests.

The manufacturing sector has recorded a significant growth over the past few years and, at this moment, accounts for more than 10% of the UK’s gross value, while employing roughly 2.5 million people around the country. Plus, it also accounts for more than half of the UK’s exports and around three quarters of the country’s business research and development.

As mentioned above, Britain’s automotive sector has also recorded a solid level of growth, with the number of jobs advertised in this sector reaching an impressive 10,012 in January 2014 – triple the number advertised in January 2013.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s also quite interesting to point out that an increasing number of companies are opting for bringing back their manufacturing arms to UK shores, wit close to 1,500 offshore manufacturing jobs being moved back to the UK since 2011. This trend is likely to continue as new technologies help the UK to become a more competitive production centre.

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