Labour hours analysis product includes Working Time Directive compliance

Some firefighters are being offered a big pay rise if they volunteer for a new shift system. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) said the offer raised issues over the welfare of firefighters and job losses. “Twenty nine per cent might sound brilliant, especially in these austere times, but it comes at a price and that is less fighters,” FBU representative John Gilliver said. However, South Yorkshire fire bosses have pledged to make efficiencies and not to make compulsory redundancies at this time. Tensor has the ultimate in Windows based time and attendance products, from simple collection of employees' clocking data, through to job costing and extensive labour hours analysis. Our entry time and attendance system is WinTA Lite for smaller companies. Using it you can create a wide range of daily working patterns (shifts), with either fixed or flexitime rules. These can run past midnight, making night shifts simple to define. Standard reports include Weekly Clock Card, Working Time Directive Compliance and Absence Summary.

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