Labour hours analysis software links to popular payroll systems

Severe winter weather put off crisis talks that were aimed to prevent industrial action by hospital cleaners in Southampton. Previously members voted 98 per cent in favour of joining a picket line outside Southampton General Hospital over the long standing disagreement. Talks bidding to end the row over pay had to be postponed due to heavy snow, and the strike now hangs in the balance. The Unison union said they hope to rearrange the meeting, but if that is not possible they have to decide what to do next.

Your workplace will function smoothly and harmoniously by installing a Tensor speciality software system, which provides a fast, accurate and easy-to-use method in recording employees' hours of working. Suitable for organisations employing a smaller workforce, WinTA Lite is an all-in-one time and attendance recording system with job booking, job costing and labour hours analysis. The Export to Payroll function links to popular payroll set-ups like Sage, Moorepay, and others. WinTA Lite has a standard Explorer™ style interface, and multi lingual versions are available.

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