Large colour display clocking station allows employees to easily confirm their hours

A few companies are still ignoring the minimum wage law, research has shown. HM Revenue and Customs has the powers to issue a notice of underpayment if an employer is found to be flouting the legal threshold, which sits at £6.08 an hour for over-21s. Cases include that of a 21-year-old man who started as an apprentice mechanic four years ago and who still receives £4 an hour despite now being fully qualified.

Tensor’s WinTA Time & Attendance systems cover all the requirements of a firm’s pay and clocking issues. Our state of the art software can deal with workers who have annual contracts, making it ideal for the public sector, or any other special working rules. Overtime is easily monitored with up to four different pay bands in each shift. The large colour display on Tensor's T32xx Time & Security clocking station makes it simple and easy for employees to confirm their clockings or check flexi-time hours. The T32xx includes colour LCD with video playback.

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