Latest Tensor.NET Software Version Offers Improved Notification Email Formats & AX System Developments

At Tensor, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our software functionality. As part of this, we have just released version which includes an excellent new feature that allows our customers to export into CSV. Updates to the pay averaging and auto reports are also available to add to the easy management of your workforce.

New Features & Enhancements

The latest enhancements to Tensor.NET as per this release include:

  • A new customer-specific CSV Import feature has been integrated into this version S-65823-355-355-CSVExportToAX which details importing Employee details, Grades and Hours into their AX system.
  • The ‘Upcoming Absence’ notification emails have been restyled so that all the fonts now match and correctly align with the other emails styles. The ‘Task List Reminder’ emails have also been restyled to be brought in line with the modern email styles, (in a box with lines separating the sections).


Several faults were detected and are now resolved. These include:

  • When adding multiple departments/sections to the amend clocking’s screen you should be able to use the CTRL key to select the ones you require and then add them, this was found to not work as expected.
  • When loading the amended clockings after setting the display options the Clock Pairs are set to be after the Pay bands. The preferred method is to have the ‘Clocking Pairs’ and then any configured Pay bands.
  • A fault was found where employees clocking onto a job that pays into a Pay band with 15-minute accounting units and are on that job for less than 15 minutes you end up with -15 (negative) in the hour’s column, however, if you worked more than 15 minutes it seems to calculate correctly.
  • A fault was found when using the systems pro-rata entitlement calculations. When employees have worked less than a year, the pro-rata feature enables users to let the system calculate the accrued holidays for the first year, this was found not to be calculating correctly when rounding up or down but has now been corrected.

Customer Resolutions & Enhancements

Feedback from our customers saw this release improve usability and fix additional bugs:

  • A critical error occurred when setting up an Access controller with a high amount of fixed patterns, custom groups and employee-specific patterns. The system built high slot values which caused the controllers to overflow and prevented access to staff. Changes have been made to prevent this from happening.
  • In the previous version, the Pay Averaging feature calculated hours based on Basic hours plus Overtime hours and divided by the number of days. Problems arose when staff worked varying contracted hours on different days. Changes have been made so the calculation uses the ‘Normal hours’ on the shift thus giving a more accurate output.
  • Changes have also been made to the Employee type report to incorporate a request that was made to the auto report feature. Suprema FaceStation users that have thermal detection devices can now run this report for the previous day that shows physical clocking's along with staff temperature readings.
  • A fault was reported (and resolved) where you were unable to select non-hardware sites when adding an employee via the ‘New with Wizard’ screen.
  • It was found that when adding a multi-day timed absence only the first day was entered and its details show that it encompasses the whole date range. It was found the timed absences were only being added as a single occurrence.
  • A request was made to have the ability to store ‘Nulls’ in the Accident record option within the employee records. Currently, a number of fields require the user to enter dates and if none are entered it reverts to 1st Jan 1753.

We thank our customers for their constant feedback and should you have any requests, or notice a fault, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that existing users may require an upgrade to a compatible version of SQL Server to utilise this version, please get in touch to confirm your requirements.

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