Latest Tensor Self-Service Module (SSM) software packs redesigned Feature Selection and Role Management administrator functions, map location visualisation

Self approval

The Tensor Self Service Module (SSM) is a web based application that allows enrolled employees to Clock IN or OUT, for Time and Attendance purposes, and book themselves ON or OFF the fire evacuation list.

Furthermore, the Tensor Mobile Self Service Module (SSM) App, which is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, delivers enhanced mobile clocking functionality with embedded employee location data.

In our latest software release, Tensor SSM version, we are adding a few very interesting features, which include:

Home page – a new feature and role option, Show Entitlements as Text, under the General > Show Entitlements has been added to the Home Page grouping. When enabled, the legacy display of entitlements is maintained. When set to disabled, a new graphical display for each entitlement is provided for the user.

Book ON / OFF jobs – a modification has been made in this version to allow each level of a multi tier job to be searched and filtered by the higher level selection. In this way child level jobs can be more quickly located, avoiding the user having to browse the complete job list.

Full hierarchy feature – the full hierarchy feature is now available in the View Timesheet and View Recent Clockings menu options for authorisers.

Clocking locations – users can now view the map location in View Recent Clockings, of clockings and job bookings made by users via the mobile SSM app.

Unmanned Reception App – new menu options for Tablet Administration, Tablet Themes and Check In / Out Forms have been added to the administrator’s menu block. These options will allow administrators to manage and configure the tablets used by the new Unmanned Reception app’ currently under development.

Features and roles – the Feature Selection and Role Management administrator functions have been remodelled with new configuration controls. Options have been grouped in easy to view selections with enable / disable slider controls. Changes made in these screens are reviewed before final saving.

Role absence configuration – as part of the Role Management page remodelling, absence code availability is now managed on a role by role basis. Separate restrictions can make absence codes either, hidden completely, viewable only in the planners and available for absence requests.

Administrators can also set the default absence inserted when making a new absence request. Organisations upgrading from previous SSM versions must review these settings before
deploying the version of SSM.

SSM Card Login – a separate Card Login application has been developed to allow SSM users to log into their SSM home page by scanning their smart card. HID, EM and MiFare card types and their respective USB card readers are supported by the app. To login by card, the SSM user must have the new “Allow silent pass-through by smart card credentials” role option enabled.

Exporting information – a new Export option has been added to the View Recent Clockings, Rota, Mimic Panel and Supervisory Mimic Panel pages. Using this option a user can export the screen contents as either an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF document.

Absence requests – a change has been made to this version of SSM so that absence can be requested and booked for rest days. Note, this modification is limited to single day requests only.

If you’d like to find out more about the numerous features and extensive level of functionality delivered by the Tensor SSM suite, just Contact us or Book a Demo, we’ll provide an answer to any and all questions you might have.

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