Lightning Survey, the ultimate questionnaire and surveying software package was launched today
simultaneously in the UK and the United States of America.
The two web sites and
provide all types of organisations, Government departments and businesses with a unique
tool to enable them to seek the views of a large number of people in the shortest possible time.
For business, enterprises and institutions � large and small � Lightning Survey will
become an essential business tool, as the Word Processor, Spreadsheet or Mobile Telephone have been in the
past�, said Nigel Smith, Chief Executive of Tensor plc, at the launch of Lightning Survey
in Hyde Park, London today.
We have had a lot of interest from all types of organisations eagerly awaiting the arrival of
this product,� he said.
Lightning Survey Ltd, part of the Tensor plc group of companies; have spent over � million pounds
in developing the new product during its year and a half development cycle.

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