Lists of banned individuals updated in real time by prison pass system

Police have warned members of the public not to approach a prisoner on the run. Eithan Teanby was on a weekend release from a Lincolnshire jail and there are fears because he is currently on medication. Det Insp John Symes said Mr Teanby’s family were worried, and added: “We are growing concerned. My understanding is that Mr Teanby is currently taking prescription medication and we have concerns that he may not have access to his required dosage.”

Using Prison Pass from Tensor, HM Prison staff can rely on receiving a simple to use, highly secure way of monitoring your prison visitors. Lists of banned individuals are maintained and updated in real time by the computer based pass registration system. The list is checked during registration and will immediately warn prison staff both visually and audibly as an option. Separate databases are offered in the same package with separate structures to allow maximum speed, minimal storage and excellent reporting and checking facilities.

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