Lists of banned prison visitors are maintained and updated in real time

The chief inspector of prisons says an overcrowded jail is unsafe. Barlinnie is more than 50 per cent over capacity, which meant Brigadier Hugh Monro said it could not be regarded as “safe”. He has called for a review of the management of overall prisoner numbers and wants an explanation of why so many men who have not yet faced a trial are held in the Glasgow prison. “The prison has an operational limit for very good reasons,” he said.

The Prison Pass easy to install computer based pass system from Tensor allows HM Prison Service Officers to quickly check the identity and monitor the movements of visitors. Using our tried and tested visitor control system, Prison Pass allows the pre-booking of legal representatives, contractors and inmate visitors with maximum speed and minimum fuss. Lists of banned individuals are maintained and updated in real time. The list is checked during registration and will immediately warn prison staff both visually and audibly (as an option).

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