Low cost door entry control has speech output announcing flagged arrivals

A suspect has been arrested following an armed robbery at a shop on Friday evening. Police say a shot was fired at the premises in North Lincolnshire, however the raider left empty-handed. The shopkeeper, a man in his 40s, was left with slight head injuries caused by glass from a set of broken bottles smashed in the incident. Officers have so far been unable to find the firearm used. The arrested man remains in police custody.

Low cost door access control is available from Tensor to secure even smaller size premises. The one to four door access control system can be linked together can control other doors from one PC. The range uses the latest .NET PC-based access control software. The speech output announces flagged arrivals and security breaches and there is a burglar alarm output for forced entry. The Tensor system adheres to international security standards applicable to Access Control systems; EN50133 Parts 1, 7 and 2; GW18, PC79 and DD243I2002.

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