Made in Britain is set for a major comeback, powered by SMEs

British manufacturing is set for a significant revival, with more high-profile firms vowing to support the sector, although most of the actual work in this segment is carried out by SMEs.

Made in Britain is set for a major comeback, powered by SMEs image 1

As the manufacturing costs in China (the “world’s workshop”) are starting to rise, while transport prices are also going up due to oil-related costs, an increasingly higher number of companies are seriously starting to consider moving back their manufacturing facilities to UK shores, a media report has revealed.

Aside from growing price competitiveness, repatriating production also helps companies to improve their quality controls and delivery times. Both changes can prove profitable as they reduce the need to replace faulty stock, and can boost demand.

Furthermore, government has also pledged significant resources to smaller-scale UK manufacturers, recently sinking £200m to promote technology innovation and a further £300m to boost high-tech learning and research. Even more has been done to boost regional growth funds which encourage the growth of smaller-sized UK manufacturers.

In order to maximize their opportunities and profits, SMEs involved in the manufacturing sector should seriously consider the implementation of efficient workforce management system, such as Tensor’s extensive WinTA.NET suite.

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