Magnetic door lock includes safe emergency break glass release

Hundreds of jobs will disappear at a mine which was ravaged by fire recently. Owner UK Coal confirmed that following the incident at Daw Mill Colliery, a small team will remain on the Midlands site to secure the mine in the short-term, but the majority of its 650 staff will be made redundant. Kevin McCullough, chief executive of UK Coal, said: “This ferocious fire has dealt a blow to everything we tried to achieve over the last 12 months.”

The T3512 Low Cost Access Scanner System from Tensor has Health and Safety exit technology and comes with everything you need to start controlling door access right out of the box. The system includes a magnetic door release lock, the Tensor LOCK5, a world-class device for securing a door using smart cards. Exit push button and emergency break glass release is also included. Sturdy, basic and practical, these Tensor products provide the Health & Safety finishing touches to your system.

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