Main Benefits of Installing a Time and Attendance System

Time and Attendance System

With the advancing technology in the present day, Time Attendance is an opportunity for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

This article explains the benefits for your business if you implemented Time & Attendance Systems and what are the Time and Attendance Solutions offered by Tensor plc.

1. Streamline Payroll Preparation

Instead of manually recording your employees’ Time and Attendance, they will clock in and out using a Clocking Station which will track every employee’s come and go from the office. Then, Time and Attendance Software will make your HR department's life much easier with specialised sections for this function.

2. Get Rid of Worksheets

By using Clocking Stations, your staff will not need to log in and out on paper timesheets. Using less paper is both good for the environment and keeps your HR department’s desks tidier. This is also guaranteed to streamline your HR Team’s operations.

Time and Attendance

3. Increase Employee Morale

Employees can often be late for work. This can cause dilemmas at the workplace, because work must then be covered meaning other work is put to one side. A Time and Attendance System solves this problem because it would be more of an incentive for latecomers to be more punctual. Thus, this would lead to an increase in employee morale and productivity.

4. Improve the Accuracy of your Labour Costs

A Time and Attendance System, even more so with a Biometric Attendance System, accurately records the working time of employees. It then prevents situations where employees arrive late or finish early and receive the same salary without deductions. It can be especially useful for jobs where pay is per hour such as hospitality or warehouse jobs.

5. Streamline Storage of Data

Time and Attendance Software allows you to store your employees' attendance data in a more orderly and simplified way.

6. Protect Sensitive Employee Information

A Time and Attendance Software ensures that sensitive employee data is stored in the system and is only visible by authorised persons such as the HR or Payroll department.

Time and Attendance brochure

7. Inform Employees About Time Records

By logging into your company's Time and Attendance Software, your employees can monitor their time schedule at any time.

8. Can Be Easily Integrated with an Access Control System

A Time and Attendance System can be integrated with an Access Control System that would provide greater security for your business.

9. Avoid Lawsuits against the Company

Failure to pay your employees the correct wages could lead to lawsuits. With a Time and Attendance System, you are sure to pay your employees the correct wages based on the time they have worked.

Biometric Time & Attendance Systems

A Biometric Time & Attendance System uses Biometrics to record employee attendance times. In addition to their extreme accuracy in recognising people's biometric characteristics, they eliminate the possibility of buddy punching, which is unfortunately often done when using spreadsheets or Time and Attendance Systems with Smart Cards and Key Fobs. The main Tensor Biometric Time and Attendance Systems are:

Time and Attendance

If you would like more information regarding which Time and Attendance System is better suited for your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

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