Manage your personnel in a fast and comprehensive manner with Tensor WinHR

Implementing a complete and comprehensive workforce management solution, that controls everything from site access to employee working hours and benefits, is something every company should seriously consider, especially if they’re interested in reducing operational costs and boosting efficiency.

Manage your personnel in a fast and comprehensive manner with Tensor WinHR image 1

And that’s exactly the reason why Tensor decided to implement a modular approach across its range of time and attendance, access control and workforce management solutions, allowing customers to choose exactly the future-proof features and level of functionality that best suites their needs.

So, beside being able to thoroughly control access to a company’s site and manage the employee’s attendance records, Tensor also offers companies the possibility to store and manage an extensive variety of information regarding their employees, from basic details and medical records to company equipment records.

Most of the application’s HR input screens also allow for the inclusion of scanned documentation, which means that scanned copies of driving licenses, safety certificates, work permits or visas can be available for viewing at a click of a button.

Additionally, the suite also grants users the possibility of designing custom reports, providing control over which sets of data are reported upon, the order and contents of report columns, the report selection criteria and the report ordering requirements. Items such as the font and page properties can also be customised further.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor WinHR.NET suite, just contact our dedicated team or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer any and all queries you might have.

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