Management can quickly view all types of absences at the workplace

Employment Minister Chris Grayling denied that there were any government financial targets to reduce people on sickness benefits. He said: “The reason why we reassess people who are on sickness benefits is that all the evidence is that a substantial proportion can return to some form of work. We have no financial targets for this.” The minister’s comments came after advisors the government tasked to review the ‘fit to work’ tests system warned that it still needed improvement.

Even Tensor’s entry-level Time and Attendance systems handle sickness, absence and other clocking issues at the workplace. For example, Individual and Group Absence Planners are features of WinTA Start, which manages time and attendance recording for up to 50 people. Management or HR can choose to view all types of absences, a single absence type or all types with a common category. Absence categories and types are fully user-definable. Reports can be instantly generated as a customised web page that integrates perfectly with a company Intranet.

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