Manning network includes graphics for viewing department absence records

A rail firm said eight shifts were affected by a lack of drivers, which meant nearly two-dozen trains were subject to changes. London Midland has apologised for the altered timetable, which are set to last for the next fortnight. The company stated the end was in sight to the problem, as it explained: “It takes well over a year to become a qualified train driver, but several of our trainees are now approaching the end of the course.”

Does your business suddenly itself short of employees? Tensor solves many personnel and rostering problems with our Time and Attendance systems. Manning levels in our WinTA PC network are based upon employee skills required during the working week. Any shortfalls to the expected requirement, due to absenteeism for example, can trigger a system email or SMS alerts. A separate module is available for rostering and manpower scheduling. WinTA includes data such as graphical calendar charts for viewing an individual’s or a department’s absence records.

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