Manning shortfall triggers a system email in works attendance recording system

Regional organiser of the public sector union Unison, Phil Thompson, said Londoners and those coming to the 2012 Olympics will be put at risk by the London Ambulance Service seeking to cut 890 jobs over the next five years to reduce costs. Mr Thompson said: "These cuts are so deep they may not heal. If allowed to be carried out they will put at risk the many Londoners who rely on the LAS every day."

A Tensor advanced time and attendance clocking recording system handles all major hours calculation methods and include features such as inserting unpaid breaks if employees do not clock them. Manning levels in our WinTA systems are based upon employee skills required during the working week. Any shortfalls to the expected requirement, due to absenteeism for example, can trigger a system email or SMS alerts. A separate module is available for rostering and manpower scheduling. Our online self service module allows employees to view or change their personal information via an Internet browser.

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