Many CCTV cameras can be viewed through one PC monitor for site protection

A warden at a church said continued thefts were “morale sapping”, and the high price of scrap metal means more churches are being hit. Christopher Luke, warden of St Paul's Church in Spennymoor, added: "We only discovered the latest theft during our All Souls service because of torrential rain pouring through the exposed part of the roof.” He added: "We did not have much lead on the roof, but what we did have was stripped away and caused extensive damage."

If your site is also falling victim to theft, a Tensor Digital CCTV system works extremely well as a standalone system, and can also be fully integrated with any previously installed Tensor access control or visitor monitoring equipment to provide a surveillance and security network that is second to none. Digital CCTV is a multi channel video surveillance system that uses the most advanced compression technologies to bring you the highest picture quality and video performance. Compared to analogue CCTV, many more CCTV cameras can be connected to your network and viewed, all through a single PC monitor.

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