Maximise Efficiency with Biometric Time and Attendance

Biometric Time and Attendance

Tensor’s Biometric Time and Attendance System is a fast, accurate, and reliable time management solution that digitally monitors timesheets and collects time & attendance data.

Biometric Time and Attendance

Facial Recognition Time and Attendance

Biometric system with accurate time and attendance management

Work schedule management

Easy work schedule management

Time and Attendance report and calendar

Personalised, unique, time & attendance report and calendar view

Flexitime and flexible workforce management

Setting work shift patterns

Setting work shift patterns

Flexitime and flexible workforce management

Maximising efficiency is what all businesses aspire to do on a daily basis. A Biometric Time and Attendance System is almost certain to help any business reach that goal by providing the fastest, and most reliable, attendance system on the market.

Tensor’s range of Biometric Attendance Systems provide an all-in-one HR Time and Attendance System using facial recognition or fingerprint clock in machines.

Let’s take a look at Tensor’s facial recognition time and attendance system and fingerprint time and attendance systems in greater detail.

Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System

Facial recognition is one of the most technically advanced of the biometric time and attendance range. With unrivalled matching speeds, accuracy and level of security, it really is the real deal.

There are numerous benefits of using a facial recognition time and attendance system, including:

Contactless clocking in and out

Contactless time and attendance is not only a faster and easier clocking method for employees, but also helps reduce the spread of disease and illnesses around a workplace.

Accurate, reliable, attendance data

Biometric time and attendance eliminates any kind of time fraud or ‘buddy punching’ where employees clock each other in and out of shifts - and facial recognition is the master of this. It means employees must be present in real-time when clocking in and out of shifts.

Enhanced site security

Facial recognition time and attendance, used as part of a workforce management setup, provides an extra layer of security that is unachievable when using keys, fobs and cards. This is due to knowing exactly who is on site at all times.

Fingerprint Time and Attendance

Fingerprint scanners, like facial recognition systems, offer a fast and reliable attendance system - just without the contactless aspect.

With a simple and fast reading of a fingerprint, Tensor’s fingerprint time and attendance system streamlines the clocking in process compared to the old fashioned paper timesheet method.

fingerprint time and attendance

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that a fingerprint time and attendance system can have for businesses:

Eliminates time fraud

A biometric attendance system, as a fingerprint clocking system is, requires the registered individual to be present at the time of clocking in or out of a shift, meaning employees cannot pass smart cards or key fobs around. This ensures the most accurate payroll possible, meaning companies don’t lose out on money for hours that were not worked, and employees are also paid correctly.

Improves security measures

Fingerprint Time and Attendance Systems offer businesses and organisations an enhanced security measure. In addition to any regular door locks, cameras, or alarms, businesses can also have peace-of-mind that only authorised personnel can gain access inside a building by using their fingerprint.

Facial Recognition Time & Attendance brochure

To discover more about Tensor’s Biometric Time and Attendance range, please book a demo or get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today.

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